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FRAGILE is an art project that centres on process, materials, inspiration and experimentation. Being inspired by a material that support’s of our daily activities, we discover the bubble wrap as main element for experimenting with in a new process that through a process of trial and error bore the definition and design of their new concept.

 FRAGILE is a transparent tale. The glass – in its liquid stage – is flexible, easy to shape, like a bubble wrap cover that is usually used to protect the fragility: a bubble wrap made by glass with a solid shape becomes fragile for one time only. An irrepressible desire to play with this bubble canvas has driven Maya and Denis to conceive a design object that could work like a funny interpretation of this concept. The final result is an incredible verisimilitude, wherever the art is placed it invites the viewer to touch and explore with their own hands, a concrete physical interaction that is unusual due to the fragile nature of the glass, a material which creates an detached contemplation.

TECHNIQUE: kiln casting, slumping and cold work

SIZE: 41 cm x 41 cm

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